Surly Wet Beer Review

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One of the nice thing about running a blog is the access you get to people you wouldn’t normally meet. Fortunately for us, we were introduced to Anello Grande through our Twitter account and he was kind enough to shoot us a can of Surly Wet in exchange for some of our Citra Pale Ale homebrew. As with the can of Surly Furious we recently reviewed, this isn’t available locally so a huge thanks goes out to Anello Grande for sending this over. Furious is a part of their year-round stable of brews, while Wet is a seasonal west-coast IPA with plenty of wet hopping action. This was a thoroughly enjoyable beer and I’ve put together a few thoughts on it.

Appearance: More amber than orange on this one, if that makes any sense. Definitely a lighter colored IPA, the head was small and didn’t last long.

Aroma: The aroma of this one hits the air as soon as you crack a can open, but it’s not overwhelming. Typical light hops and citrus are there with a touch of grass from the wet hopping.

Taste: There’s some great depth here as there’s a noticeable change in flavor as you drink this. First sip gets you fresh hops up front with a slight citrus/lemon flavor and a nice touch of cloves. There’s a nice medium mouthfeel to it, not too heavy but not a session beer either. The hops are constant throughout but never hijack the flavor. The carbonation is enjoyable and warming, while the grassy flavor and a touch of grapefruit peel/pepper make their appearance on the finish.

Overall: Like Surly’s Furious, Beer Advocate users give Wet a 97 and it’s well deserved. I’m as much a hophead as anyone else, but so many IPAs just seem throw hops at the beer until it’s all bitterness and no depth, so when a beer like this comes along and gives a nice path of hops-cloves-grass-grapefruit as you drink it, it stands out from the crowd. This is an excellent beer and I’d recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an IPA that does more than smash your taste buds with hops.

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